Going green

When the guys at Coffee Capsules 2U NZ first came to us, we were a little reticent. This was a market with a checkered reputation.

Labelled by many as wasteful (due to their single-use nature and general lack of recyclability) and flouted by the caffeinated elite, we weren't sure this was a gig for us.

Then we met Patrick and Louise; owners of Coffee Capsules 2U NZ.  With passion oozing from their pores, this gritty duo from Warkworth, were out to do things differently.

They wanted to change perceptions and they instantly changed ours.

Patrick and Louise didn't want to be just another carbon copy coffee capsule re-seller. They wanted to create a brand that stood for something; that would speak to everyday kiwi's.

We carefully considered the broader coffee capsules market, plotted trends and media commentary.  It was decided the best approach was to identify the biggest problems the industry faced then find as many authentic and positive solutions as we could for those problems.

And that's what we did.

When people said "Compatible capsules aren't as good as Nespresso"

We said, think again. The guys at CC2U, only source the best freshly ground espresso for their capsules. We needed people to try it. So the team went to local events, offered sampler packs and talked openly about the origin of their coffee. Once people tried it, we asked them to rate it. Social proof and real proof joined forces.

They thought "doesn't value for money mean cheap."

We decided "Nope." If you strip out you're overheads, get smart about promotional dollars and derive a pricing strategy for the long term then value for money means good product, for a competitive price.

"It's easier to get capsules at the supermarket" some chorused.

To address this, the team worked on how to make it as easy as possible to order regularly - even going as far as sending personal emails to check if you need more capsules. Using a combination of simple personalised shopping links and regular contact, it's genuinely just as easy to get capsules from Coffee Capsules 2U NZ as the supermarket.

We'd venture to also guess your supermarket doesn't write you a handwritten note every time you order, just to let you know they value your business...

The biggest objection though was -  "Capsules are a massive contributor to landfill"

It was an irrefutable fact - until the team made possibly the biggest and boldest move yet.  They publicly stated they were responsible for their packaging and products past consumption! And so arrived, the Return & Recycle option with Coffee Capsules 2U NZ!

Every single part of the capsule, the packaging, courier bag and grinds can now be up-cycled, recycled or re-used. Check out their page for how they do it - it's genuine and inspiring.

The result?

This is a business with a set direction. They're local, customer focussed and able to convey the value they bring to their customers with ease.

They're passionate about what they're doing and it shows in the connection that have with their customers.  They make smart use of their advertising dollars and let referral and word-of-mouth do it's bit too.

They do all this because they operate from an authentic platform. A platform that addresses real issues customers were raising in their market - all while helping to do their bit for the world.

Coffee Capsules 2U NZ; nailed it.


Look at what the market wants - why they buy similar products or even why they don't. Think outside the box.  Know what motivates you to be in this business.

Then be bold and brave. Create solutions that give people a reason to believe your brand is truly different.

When you know what the market wants and why it is important (to you and to them), the how comes easily; you'll discover interesting, practical and useful solutions that help customers become fans.


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