The learning you need to build confidence with social media.


When it comes to learning social we don’t use words like “mastery.” Very few people master social media as a brand, unless of course their job title is Social Media Manager (and then we kind of hope they’ve mastered it).

As a business owner or manager, wearing plenty of other hats, it’s important, however, that you have confidence when it comes to posting for your brand on social media.

Our tailored 3-month program is popular with SME’s and start-ups. This isn’t a cookie-cutter learning program. We walk alongside you to build a process and a system that helps you become more confident with social media.



Month One: You learn through watching (we do all the hard work and then teach you why we made the choices we did)

Month Two: You begin to learn through doing (we create the plan together and we’ll do the analysis at month end, but you do the posting)

Month Three: You do it all. You plan (then share it with us just to check). You post. You do the analysis (and we discuss with you what you learned that month).

Over the three months you’ll gain the tools & knowledge required to plan and post on social media with ease.

The finer details

AVAILABILITY: We limit new trainees to 5 (five) per month.

TIME COMMITMENT: Expect 1-2 hours per month

The price reduces as our involvement decreases and your confidence sky-rockets:

Month 1 – $495 + GST
Month 2 – $395 + GST
Month 3 – $195 + GST



Let’s get on the same playing field when it comes to social media. There are so many pieces of advice out there – we’ve done the hard yards and created a simple guide that works for everyday New Zealand business.

We’ve created this simple, free intro guide to help demystify social media.

Understanding social media at a business level has been a whole new learning experience in comparison to dabbling in it personally. Thanks to the team at M.LAB we have been able to establish a clear plan that ensures our content suits our brand & connects with our audience, as well as providing us with a clear plan moving forward.

Anna Laming

Urban Grind

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