A pitstop on your way to success.


We start with a health check of your business. We look at current in-market activities, review the broader market and competition and assess these against your business goals & personal drivers.

Marketing Clinics provide a thorough assessment of what you are doing now and identify opportunities to grow, scale or change.



Half-Day Workshop:
We get it all out on the table and work towards identifying your unique brand position in market (something you can own)

Then we go away, process the findings and deliver you the following*:

Brand Assessment: Your unique brand position

Opportunities Analysis: A detailed report with recommendations for changes to your website, customer journey, sales funnel, products, content and price in market.

Action Plan: An outline of the next steps for your business.

*The Marketing Clinic is an assessment with light strategic outputs. It is designed to create a clear plan of attack for clients to implement.  For full strategy and planning and support, please see The Foundation Project.

The finer details

AVAILABILITY: We limit clinics to five (5) per month. It’s important to us that you get the time you deserve.

TIME REQUIRED: Please allow 30 mins to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire and half a day for the workshop itself.

PROJECT TIMELINE: We aim to complete (deliver outcomes) Marketing Clinics within one business week of the workshop

WHAT COMES NEXT: Typically client’s sign up to strategic check ins

FROM $1,800 + GST.


An Intro into Understanding your Foundations

Good marketing is based on strong foundations.

We’ve created this simple, free guide to explain the basics of foundational marketing.

The M.LAB team are clever, objective, straight-talking friends. I felt comfortable enough to talk about my passions, experience, dreams and the things that haven’t gone so well. M.LAB processed everything in a service which felt very bespoke to me and my brand. They delivered a clear, strong and progressive path I can now use as the framework for my business as I go forward.

Ingrid Vink

Think Like Vink

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