Build Your Online Presence

The simplest way to get going online.

Having a website is one thing, ensuring that your website tells your story and draws in the crowds from across the internet – that’s where Online Presence comes in.

Designed specifically for New Zealand small businesses, this is the easiest way to get your business online and your digital presence connected.


We’ve been working with small businesses for a while now and one of the simplest options to increase presence and sales is to have a strong brand story, a good website and to have all the online bits – like social, Google and more – integrated and working as a team.

But we found for a lot of people, the price point was too high; so we changed that and built a product tailored to help small businesses succeed.


We’ll never sell you a product you don’t genuinely need. Book a free 30-minute
consultation with us and we’ll quickly let you know whether we can help – and if
we can’t, we’ll do our best to connect you to someone who can.

Here's what you'll get

Brand Story

Brand (or story) is simply the history, beginnings and future of your business translated into a single thought or idea that you can own.


We’ll design and develop a strong 1-3 page website, set you up with easy to understand analytics and ensure Google has your site indexed and business listed.


Tailored advice across social media, blogs, emails and more to ensure you can drive people to your site.

And more

Simple add-ons can really make a difference:
+ Logo design
+ Email strategy
+ Content strategy
And so much more.

All from $2,900 +GST.


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