Online Presence
Now to Market!

Congratulations! Your brand story is complete and your website is now live.

Now to market – to get people to your website and to ensure everything you do is integrated and working together to get you the best results online.

Read on.

Now that you have a bran narrative, a beautiful, goal-driven website – we’re going to ensure you also have the knowledge and guidance to confidently build out a purpose-led online presence.  We’ve included a number of sections for easy reference.


Your website was built and is hosted byJon.nz. He is a preferred supplier of MLAB and is seriously one of the best we’ve ever come across.

The site is a WordPress site, on a custom template.

byJon.nz will take care of all maintenance (making sure links work and things are ticking along). In the unlikely event there is an issue with your website, byJon will be in touch immediately by email.

Hosting & maintenance charges are monthly. You will have already paid for a year in advance. Future bills for hosting will come from byJon.nz.

Editing Your Website

ByJon.nz has an amazing knowledge base online. It is very comprehensive and has all the information you need to make changes.

If you are unsure how to use the back-end, we recommend holding off and seeking guidance or training from us or from byJon directly.

Please note, all text and images have been chosen to optimise your website so take care or seek professional advice before making wholesale changes to your website. We are always available to have a quick chat if you are unsure about a change and need some direction.


Your website is already connected to Google Analytics. As part of the MLAB website brief we have set up a regular report to be sent to your email address based on key metrics for your business.

You can also view your analytics by going to Google Analytics.


Please refer to the emails sent byJon.nz as to how to access and set up your email address (if this hasn’t already been done for you).


If applicable, this will be sent to you in a seperate email.


Your website is indexing with Google. Sometimes this takes a few days or weeks due to the massive competition out there. One of the ways your can help Google know that you are ‘real’ is to go to Google Business and claim your business. We recommend you fill in as much detail and possible.


We will send you an email with instructions to ensure you are found in Near Me searches on Google, if appropriate to your business.


  • First complete your business listing.
  • Then simply find your business listing on Google by searching for your business name.
  • Click on the write a review link, copy the URL link
  • Paste URL into an email (save as a template)