Regional Business Partners

M.LAB is a registered service provider with the Regional Business Partners (RBP) Network. We are currently supporting clients, funded through RBP, with business and marketing strategies to help grow, adapt or change.

You may be eligible for 100% funding towards advice and implementation of this advice.


Depending on your business and your business needs you may be eligible for one of the following funds through RBP.

Find out more about RBP here.

  • Tourism: Support, Recovery & Re-Set Plan: for affected tourism locations only e.g. Fiordland, Queenstown Lakes, West Coast etc. We’re often asked which of our solutions best fit the criteria for funding use. See below for examples from past clients.



  • Capability fund: Develop Your Skills: Develop new skills or expertise in house. Eligible businesses may receive 50% funding toward the cost of training services (to a maximum of $5,000 per year).


Businesses may be eligible to use the Tourism RBP funding for a range of advice options from HR and Legal, Financial management, Health & Wellness, and of course marketing strategy, business continuity planning and digital enablement strategy.  

The Marketing Lab typically connects clients with Business Advisory Support to either a Marketing Health Check, The Foundation Project, Content Strategy or Website audit.

Each of these activities are designed to provide an independent review of the strengths of your business, market barriers and identify key opportunities for you to grow, change or adapt to the new market in front of you. 

For Implementation, we take the role of project managers and advisors. We have a stable range of developers, graphic designers, content writers, media writers, photographers, videographers, digital advertising specialists and more, who we can connect you to if required, and help you manage the process so you achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

We have been proudly working with RBP, in particular the Otago RBP Growth Advisors, since mid 2020.

A marketing confidant

Business: Remote lodge & restaurant
Fund: Tourism

This client sought a new tech stack solution however it was clear their expertise in that space was excellent. Through RBP’s support they instead gain a marketing confidant, a fresh look at strategic goals & confirmation that the direction would meet local, and inter-regional market goals.

Inter-regional traction

Business: Expedition & Adventure Company
Fund: Tourism

With tours and expeditions effectively on hold, the client arrived seeking more inter-regional tourists. A successful retail pivot strategy and implementation plan, funded by RBP enabled not only three new experiences specifically for the local market, but an additional sustainable revenue stream outside of tourism.

Resilient revenue stream

Business: Events and Arts
Fund: Tourism

An ancillary tourism business, with more than 95% of previous revenue gained from visitors and events in market. This client needed to redeploy resources immediately. RBP funding enabled the identification of a new resilient revenue stream, and the development of a differentiated position in a market over-supplied, but with limited demand.


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