Knowledge is power

It’s time to democatise marketing – demystify it and give you the knowledge to make the right decisions for your business. Our learning guides, knowledge sharing and consultancy is designed to help everyday businesses learn the lingo and get on the same page as their marketing experts.

Free Learning guide

An intro to (real) marketing

We get that marketing is full of terms and concepts that just aren’t part of everyone’s conversations, so we’ve created a simple introductory guide to help demystify marketing and explain how it can fit into your business.

Free Learning guide

An intro to content marketing

It’s a simple all in one guide to understand content – removing the jargon and using plain English to debaffle and demystify content marketing.

Check out our free intro guide to content marketing.

Free Learning guide

An intro to social media

Let’s get on the same playing field when it comes to social media. There are so many pieces of advice out there – we’ve done the hard yards and created a simple guide that works for everyday New Zealand business.

We’ve created this simple, free intro guide to help demystify social media.

Free Learning guide

An intro to understanding your foundations

Good marketing is based on strong foundations.

We’ve created this simple, free guide to explain the basics of foundational marketing.

Create your own marketing strategy.

For when you have time but other resources are tight –  DIY your business and marketing strategy.

So we’re building solutions that help you build your own superb strategic responses, while also giving you access to the right people, at the right time, to guide you along the way.

Better marketing at your pace

Our DIY products will sit under our sister brand, M.O.D (or Marketing On Demand)

We’re still putting this finishing touches on this platform but you can leave us your email address and we’ll connect with you as soon as it’s live.

On demand, when you need support the most.

We’re business owners too. We know how hard it can be to balance working in the business with working on it. We also know how important it is to have access to the right people, when you need them.

Bounce in and out of our services – we’re here when you need support the most. Access to expert advice for your business (not every business).  Bring in your ideas, learn about a marketing concept or just test direction. Have a look at our range of Marketing Bounce products to see what could work for you.


We’re lucky enough to be a provider under the Regional Business Partners network.  This fantastic government initiative helps owners and key staff build capabilities across their business.

Businesses may qualify for funding (in the form of vouchers) to help pay for a range of business services. Learn more by heading to the Regional Business Partner Network hub.


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