Right Start gives your business the best shot at success. We teach you how your business can benefit from the full marketing mix – that’s all the stuff big businesses and agencies use to win. We wrap that thinking in your ‘why’ and show you how to focus on specific outcomes to meet your goals.


Setting up a small business as a soloprenuer is a lot of hard work. We get that. We’ve been there. We aim to make it easier by guiding you through the big stuff – pricing, product definitions, audience targeting, channel use, messaging and more.

We’ll give you the tools and knowledge to know how to set your business up to succeed. With a solid marketing foundation in place, it’s so much easier to make decisions when considering activities in market such as campaigns, offers and promotions.

You’ll come away with:

A simple brand position (and story) – this is your why, the heart of your brand. We’ll include a basic market analysis and help you identify core audiences to target, the messaging that will help you connect with them and show you how to make the best use of your product features and benefits.

Action plan – the next 3-5 things you can do to get the results you’re after. These may include anything from recommendations on how to optimise your website or other promotional channels, to suggestions for systems and processes that will keep your business lean and efficient.

The finer details

AVAILABILITY: We limit new clients to four (4) per month. It’s important to us that you get the time you deserve.

Priced from $995 + GST.

I’ve been happy with the Right Start foundation work done by M.LAB, and can already see some clarity in my business, my story, my niche and my purpose. There is now a clear journey for my clients. I have found Michegro easy to work with, very relatable and we can have a good laugh, as well as getting the work done!

Rosie Walton

Gym & Tonic


We get that marketing is full of terms and concepts that just aren’t part of everyone’s conversations.

We created a simple introductory guide to help demystify marketing and explain how it can fit into your business.

Whether you choose to engage M.LAB or not, we hope our free guides help connect your business to better marketing outcomes.

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