Build your business (and your brand) right, from the start.


Setting up a small business as a soloprenuer is a lot of hard work. We get that. We’ve been there. We aim to make it easier by guiding you through the big stuff – pricing, product definitions, audience targeting, channel use, messaging and more.

We’ll give you the tools and knowledge to know how to set your business up to succeed.



Pre-Work: You’ll complete a simple questionnaire that will help us draft a response. We’ll then send that response to you to consider

Working Session:  We meet to discuss what you loved, didn’t love and where we see the biggest opportunities for your business – using that initial draft document to guide our discussions.

Then we go away, process our discussion and present your final deck*:

Simple brand position (and story): this is your why, the heart of your brand.

Basic market analysis:  Including high level audience persona, challenges and opportunities to consider, key messaging and product features and benefits. This is your guide to how to get your business to the start line, and to meet (even exceed) your target markets expectations.

Action plan – the next 3-5 things you can do to get the results you’re after.

*Right Start is a light touch, designed to set the playing field and point you in the right direction. If you would like a more comprehensive strategic workout, please contact us to discuss.

The finer details

AVAILABILITY: We limit new clients to four (4) per month. It’s important to us that you get the time you deserve.

TIME REQUIRED: Please allow 30 mins – 1 hour to complete a pre-workshop questionnaire and 1-2 hours for our working session.

PROJECT TIMELINE: We aim to complete (and deliver) Right Start outcomes within one business week of our working session

WHAT COMES NEXT: Typically we will identify possible follow on projects in the action plan.

PRICE $995 + GST.

I’ve been happy with the Right Start foundation work done by M.LAB, and can already see some clarity in my business, my story, my niche and my purpose. There is now a clear journey for my clients. I have found Michegro easy to work with, very relatable and we can have a good laugh, as well as getting the work done!

Rosie Walton

Gym & Tonic

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