The Foundation Project

No matter which stage your business is at, a strong marketing foundation delivers a platform off which you can more easily grow, scale and develop your business and brand.

We help you define brand position, audience, key messaging, channels and so much more. You’ll know where you need to be and most importantly, how to get there.


Brand strategy

Your market position, brand story, sales messaging and a guide for how to transition from current position to future state.

Marketing strategy

Based on your customers unique purchase journey, we detail the key activities needed to get the best results. We investigate market position, pricing strategy, segmentation and product differentiation.

Innovation pipeline

Key opportunities that can help you differentiate and build resilient revenue streams

Content Strategy

Match content, channel and creative to your brand. Connect the right message to the right people at the right time.

Website audit

A detailed pathway to delivering an on-brand, functional website.

Digital enablement

We’ll identify all the places and spaces you should be considering online, and which ones you can say goodbye to.

90 Day Action Plan

A simple to follow 90 day action plan that helps you get the first cabs off the ranks with minimal effort or planning.

Begin your foundation project

Getting started is the first step. Book a chat with us, or send us an email, and let’s see if The Foundation Project is the right fit for your business.


    We try to keep your time requirements to a minimum.

    We aim to complete a Foundation Project within 4-6 weeks of beginning the process.


    The Project price begins at $5,000+GST.

    A deposit of 50% may be required upfront.


    We begin with a full discovery phase to gather data, insights and knowledge about your business.

    We use working sessions – in person or via video conferencing –  to test our assumptions and confirm direction.

    All strategies and action plans are discussed and supported via email or communications on Slack.


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