Bounce Ideas Around

Implementing your marketing plan doesn’t need to be something you do alone. With a Monthly Bounce you get the benefit of team collaboration on a regular basis.



Get expert marketing input, guidance and advice from a team who knows your business, gets your brand and understands what drives you.

Delivered in person or via video conferencing, we work through key projects in progress, test ideas or if needed, we can help explain marketing concepts, channels & approaches.

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A simple work in progress document gives the structure needed to track key marketing projects, actions and outcomes – both during and after each session.


We use the tracker to keep our sessions focussed, build accountability and get your marketing moving in the right direction.

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Get your marketing on track and moving in the right direction, supported by experts.

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    Your time commitment is just 45 min face-to-face or video call  each month plus access to our team via either Slack or email throughout the month.

    We update your work-in-progress document monthly, check in with you via Slack and email, and help answer queries relating to marketing you might have in market for that month.




    Minimum of three sessions, from $225 + GST per month.

    • Monthly Bounces with Michegro begin at $325 + GST per month. 
    • An additional one off discovery session may be required if your business is complex or in start-up phase. We can help you better if we understand your business direction, strengths and goals. 



    Bounce sessions are booked in advance via Calendly. You will receive a Calendly link after completing the booking form above.

    We use a work-in-progress document that we create together in the first session to guide future sessions and stay on track.

    An initial 15 minute consult is free of charge.




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