Start something new, with confidence

You’ve got the idea. You’ve done some thinking.  You’re ready to go. Or are you?

A quick audit of your idea, marketing plan & key messages will ensure its fit for purpose, and has the chops to reach your target audience and achieve the goals you’re hoping for.  

Why you need an
MLAB Audit?

You’ve been working away at this new idea for a while now. You’ve invested a lot of time, energy  and quite likely some of your hard earned savings. 

But how will you know whether that plan you created will work in market. That’s where we come in.

We created the MLAB Audit for people just like you. People with big dreams, people who want the best chance at turning those dreams into a successful commercial reality.

The audit is simple. We review your plan and ideas. Whatever you have written to date. Using our deep industry experience, identify any gaps, opportunities, possible barriers or watch-outs. We take the time to learn about your business – and your brand- and create an action plan to help guide you step by step to marketing success.

Finessing your marketing plan builds the muscle you need to go to market with confidence – with us, you’ll have an expert in your corner to help you with ideas, decisions and direction.

Expert Support

We’ve been helping people commercialise ideas, take products to market and build resilient revenue streams for nearly a decade. We’ve seen businesses succeed, and we know what to look for. We’ve been building our marketing muscle for a long time.

Our audits are led by our Strategy Project Manager, Nicki Miller. She’s bright, bubbly and friendly – she’s also commercially astute, a big picture thinker and knows her way around a strong marketing plan.

Nicki will review your plan, provide key insights and feedback, then guide your, over three sessions, to focus your time, money and resources. It’s about optimising opportunities and reducing your barriers to success. Getting to market efficiently and making the most of message and channel spend.

The audit

Sign up, send us your marketing plan (and any NDA’s) and we’ll send you a link to meet and discuss what we’ve found and present your action plan.  From there you get started on implementing. Easy as that.


Three one-on-one coaching sessions, to help bring your audit findings to life. We meet monthly, for 45 mins to discuss what’s next, keep you on track and ensure you’re able to get the most of our your marketing plan.

The cost?

We know it’s a tricky time – so sign up before end of September, 2022 and receive 15% discount when you sign up to an MLAB audit and three coaching sessions.

RRP: $2,045 + GST

Your cost: $1,750 + GST

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