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We’ve been helping everyday businesses build a strong marketing function, expand their marketing knowledge, and ultimately help them get better outcomes for over seven years. As a small business ourselves, we also know how important it is to find the right suppliers and partners to help grow our business.

We’ve pulled this list of FAQ’s together to ensure you have all the information you need before you engage us.


Strategic marketing has long been something attainable only by big corporates and multi-generational family businesses. The price points have often out of scope for many everyday organisations.


We’ve taken that same agency and large consultancy approach and democratised it so businesses, big and small, can access  commercial thinking, considered planning and creative concepts. We give you the tools, knowledge and resources to make confident, well-advised decisions about how to structure your marketing, connect with your audience and build a business that fits with your goals.


Clients can access our tools, knowledge and resources in two ways:

  1. Self Paced Planning: We give you the templates and the information and support you remotely to create your own strategies and plans. This is still being built out and due for delivery in August. Please connect with us to get on our waiting list if you are interested in being part of our self-paced planning trial.
  2. Consulting (we do it for you): A standard consulting model, with a difference. We work on a project basis with you to set up your foundations and then connect regularly to help keep you on track during implementation. No retainers; just good solid advice, direction, structure and insights, when you need it.


M.LAB Consulting

How long do client’s tend to work with you?

About three to four months.  We aim to spend the first six weeks understanding your business, researching your industry and market, making strategic recommendations and putting in the first phases of planning. The next eight to ten weeks typically focus on getting projects up and running.

What projects do you normally tick off with clients in that timeframe?

The biggest piece of work in the first six weeks is completing your Foundations Project. 


We start with an assessment of your business using the marketing fundamentals as a framework. This means we get to understand what’s working, where the opportunities lie and how resources, assets and your time can be best applied to reach your goals. Typically we then connect you to a strong brand story, provide a framework for content (that’s email, blogs, newsletters and of course, social), develop a three-month marketing plan based on your customers unique purchase journey,  briefs for suppliers and often website wireframes (with copy).


While the process for starting is similar for everyone, we use our initial workshop with you to best understand how to structure the Foundations Project for your business.  We  simply use frameworks and templates simply to keep our costs in check.


After that it’s Training & Implementation. A lot of clients choose our How to Social program, we help you understand how to understand your analytics for Google, how to write good promotional emails and what the stats mean. We work with you on website changes and provide strategic check-ins along the way.


The cost of a Foundations Project says from…does this mean some will go over $5,000?


Yes, some will. However, 80% of businesses we work absolutely fall into the $5,000 bracket. The balance of businesses might need a little more simply because what they offer might be highly complex or it might be a completely new initiative in market.

Do you guarantee results?

We do not guarantee results. Success for many businesses can be impacted by so many things: market demand, market fit, product offering, resources to promote or just to support your business. We work with you to know exactly where to focus your energy, why and what the intended result should (or could) be.

The strategy and thinking you get from M.LAB is proven to help business owners feel more confident about the direction of their business, and they have the tools and knowledge to make decisions that can help build their business overtime.

Resilience is a key word we use because that’s just what a strong marketing foundation will give you. A strong, sustainable marketing model that you can use over and over again.


How much do people tend to spend after the Foundations Project?

In general we see the total cost for clients who come through the Foundations Project, and who then engage in training and implementation support will spend on average $7,500 over the period of 3-4 months. When you sign up to the Foundations Project and Training & Implementation Support, we can discuss splitting your payments over the period you are working with us.

So for a three month period, you would be looking at $2,500 + GST per month, to build the marketing foundations every business needs to succeed.

Do you have payment plans?

Yep we can do payment plans.  Have a chat to us about how we can split payments.

We do apply a simple 5% pa charge just to cover administration costs if the plan extends beyond the timeframe we are actively working together.


What are your hourly rates?

We don’t tend to do work by the hour but can for client’s we’ve been working with for a while. Our rates start at $80 per hour and go up to $250 per hour.

The top end is reserved for complex strategy.

I don’t think I can afford your rates all the time?

That’s actually good.

Think of us like the architects of your marketing strategy and plan. We do all the work upfront, and yes, there’s a charge for that work. But, once we’re through the thinking and planning phase, and we’ve given you all the tools, knowledge and resources you need to go build a great business, there is really no need to continue to use us. Except – again like an architect – when you need to make a change, or want a little bit of extra help understanding details and implementation, or finding a great supplier.

A lot of our clients once engage with us again on project type work at a time of change, growth or if they’re starting a new business.

We understand the needs of small businesses and prefer not to charge retainers or monthly management fees: this gives you access to high level, complex thinking, without an ongoing price tag.


What next? If you love what you are reading and want to chat further, email us back and we’ll make a time to meet.


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