From idea to market - we'll get you there

Build the foundations to commercialise your ideas, turn your brand into an asset and create pathways to success. Tailor to  your business. Not every business.

Effective strategy.  Efficient support.  Easier creative.

Better Marketing with MLAB.

We solve marketing performance gaps and discover the best opportunities for your business to succeed in market. From brand to content strategies, pricing to product definition (and more…), we’ll show you what’s possible for your business, and how to get there.


Get the marketing support your business needs. An on-call comms team, coaching and support. Committed to helping your brand shine.

Fractional CMO, outsourced marketing team, coaching and mentoring.


Specialists in commercialising ideas, new brands and products, identifying opportunities and creating pathways for success.

One-off, in depth projects designed to amplify your brand.

Find the right path for your business: strategy & insight.


Brokering better creative that turns your marketing plans into promotions in market.

We bridge the gap using our knowledge, connections and experience to get great creative, faster.

The right support when you need it

We help you focus on delivering maximum value for your customer. On optimising your marketing efforts. On building a resilient yet agile marketing structures that can help you grow, scale and create with confidence.

We give you the tools, knowledge and resources you need, when you need them. It’s about helping you make better decisions about your marketing, today and into the future.


M.LAB is a strategic marketing consultancy designed specifically to meet the needs of New Zealand’s strong small business market.

We aim to demystify and democratise marketing knowledge, tools and resources – it’s about putting the power back in your hands. About enabling businesses to have access to the right insights and information to make better marketing decisions. Everyday.

We work with a range of businesses from start ups and entrepreneurs to multi-generational family businesses, organisations and charities. Our industry experience is wide and vast.

We’re not your typical marketing team – we’re experts at discovering connections, identifying commercially sound opportunities, understanding the market and matching solutions to your resources and ambitions.

In good company

The Marketing Lab find solutions. They approached my complex marketing conundrum with determination, passion and faultless professionalism.

The teased out my preferences, gently steered me away from bad ideas & delivered a brand which is a perfect fit.


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