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Outsourced marketing expertise for businesses without their own marketing team.

97% of businesses [in New Zealand] have fewer than 20 employees

MBIE Small Business Factsheet 2022

Our team as your team

Fractional CMO

Senior marketing strategists on demand – from fractional marketing directors to workshop leads, our experienced strategists will lift your marketing game.

On Call Comms Team

With monthly marketing support, your brand will remain ahead of the game. Your dedicated marketer will plan, create and implement campaigns, processes and tactics to engage your audience, community and/or your team.


Sometimes all you need is a one-off deep dive to solve revenue, growth or engagement. We take the lead and deliver.

Which expert is for you?

1. Let's assess what you need

First, we meet and assess the type of support that will best suit your business size, team structure and strategy needs. We’ll connect as many times as needed to ensure we fit the right person or project to your marketing conundrum.

2. Trial and get the right fit

If it’s a communications team or fractional strategist you need, we start our engagement with a three-month trial to make sure we’ve connected the right people to the right solutions.

3. Engage your expert

After the trial period, we sit down and right-size your longer-term solution. It might be that three months was enough, it might be you need us for longer. We keep contracts open and fair.

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Nearly 90 years in business is a long time for any brand, let alone one in the construction sector. Ninety years in business is also a long time to occupy a positive brand position in the parochial townships that dot the landscapes of the lower South Island. So how does Breen continue to so favourably ...

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The mould is there to be broken

When it was time for MLAB to do a team photoshoot we needed it to feel like us. We could have made it easy. Taken the photos outside, with the lake shimmering and the burly mountains rising in our midst. Hired a professional studio or found a plain white wall. There were any number of ...

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Why do we work on so many websites?

We are not, never will be, and could not ever be developers. Sure, we can whip up a cheeky WIX site, but just quietly, so can your Grandma. When it comes to the tricky stuff, we outsource the development to the experts. We do the thinking and planning – the brief. Then we’ll support with ...

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