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Making Marketing Work

Learn how to make marketing work for your business.
You can engage us as strategic consultants, or as your partner on a strategic project. Alternatively, check out our popular products below – tailored to meet the needs of New Zealand SMEs.

Popular Products

Right Start

Setting up a small business as a soloprenuer is a lot of hard work. We get that. We’ve been there. We aim to make it easier by getting you off to the right start: a solid marketing foundation from which you can build a strong, resilient business. A base from which all the other stuff – like promotions and advertising – can easily scaffold.

You’ll come away with:

  • A simple brand story (position) – this is your why, the heart of your brand. We’ll include a basic market analysis and help you identify core audiences to target.
  • Action plan – the next 3-5 things you can do to get the results you’re after. These may include anything from recommendations on how to optimise your website or other promotional channels, to suggestions for systems and processes that will keep your business lean and efficient.

Priced from $995 + GST.

AVAILABILITY: Spaces are limited to 4 sessions per month.

Call A Friend

It’s always good to check-in: to call a friend who gets your business, appreciates your goals and understands your marketing needs.

Following your initial strategy or planning session, you can choose to use Call A Friend check-ins to keep you focussed on actions and help you think strategically about your target market, then plan, assess and refresh promotional activity with confidence.

Starting with 3, 6 or 9 one-hour sessions, we discuss progress and brainstorm how to overcome challenges,

Priced from $885 for three sessions + GST.


Marketing Clinic

If your business is growing, changing or maybe you’re just not sure what the next step should be, a Marketing Clinic will provide the clarity and focus you need.

We start with a health check of your business, looking at current in-market activities,  review the broader market and competition and assess these against your business & personal drivers.

Marketing Clinics provide a thorough assessment of what you are doing now and identify opportunities to grow, scale or succeed.

Clinic structure:

  • Half Day Workshop: We get it all out on the table and work towards identifying your unique brand position in market (something you can own) +
  • Brand Assessment: We’ll deliver a report with recommendations, your unique brand position and next steps for your business

Priced from $1,800 + GST.

AVAILABILITY: Spaces are limited to 5 clinics per month.


Content Strategy

A content strategy keeps your messaging on-brand, making it easier for you to know how to prepare and plan to get good results from your content – whether that’s through social, on your website or via a blog.

A strong, tailored strategy is a foundational part of your marketing: stay on track and only create content that will create a real connection with your target audience.

You’ll learn:

  • What content is and why it matters
  • The best channels and content formats for your business
  • What content to create &  where to post it
  • How to structure social media so it works for your business, brand and goals

  • New client: $950 + GST
    • Optional simple brand story (+$500 + GST)
  • Existing client: $650 + GST

Always on.

How to Social

This tailored 3-month program is popular with SME’s and start-ups. This isn’t a cookie-cutter learning program. We walk alongside you to help you understand what social media means for your business (not every business).

We start with a content strategy and teaching you the basic tips and trick of social media. Over the course of three months, you’ll gain the tools & knowledge required to plan and post on social media with ease.

The price reduces as our involvement decreases and your confidence sky-rockets:

  • Month 1 — $495 + GST
  • Month 2 — $395 + GST
  • Month 3 — $195 + GST

Spaces are limited to 10 new trainees per month. Enquire for more details.

Annual Plan

The ultimate marketing guide to drive your business forward. We help you stay focussed by building out your marketing and business canvas, translating that into a step-by-step monthly plan, activity timeline and indicative budget so you can plan cashflow, time and resource to support your marketing activities.

Stay Focussed structure:

  • Half Day Workshop: We discuss what happened last year and the goals for the coming year. We look at key barriers or objections, discuss what worked and why. This time is about getting everything on the table so we can go away and work our magic.
  • Outputs: You receive a full tailored workbook containing your marketing and business canvas (this is key to identifying your best opportunities for the coming year), a month-by-month planner and an indicative budget. These tools are yours to own.
  • Review: Once the work has been delivered, we sit down and discuss next steps, prioritising work and outputs based on your resources and needs, and connecting you to the right suppliers to support you going forward.

Priced from $3,500 + GST

AVAILABILITY:  Feb — April, limited to 4 per month. May — Jan: No limit.



Marketing Projects

Over the years we’ve honed what we do into tools and resources to keep your marketing moving forward. However sometimes, it’s good to have an experienced marketer working on a project for you, while you get going on working in your business. Our team have deep experience and can assist with a range of projects (across multiple industries) including:

  • Brand development, positioning and story telling
  • Product development, extensions and concept design
  • Market pricing
  • Channel strategy: acquisition, retention, loyalty and growth plans
  • Digital strategy
  • CRM automation and sales funnel development
  • Website wireframes and user experience
  • Copywriting (promotional, web and technical)
  • Tech stacks to support marketing efficiencies
  • Project management.


How can we help you?

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