Here's What We Do

Sure we support clients to produce websites, brochures, logos, social content, videos and so much more. But first we produce great strategies that set them up to win again and again.

Think | Plan | Do

Great marketing starts with creative problem solving, a considered look under the hood of your business, and the commercial acumen to know what will work with the realities of the market and your bottom line.


Commercial thinking, considered planning, creative doing.


At M.LAB we develop the foundations of your marketing first. We help you search for that nub of truth – that story – that helps you stand out, work more efficiently and achieve more with your marketing.


We breathe that story into every part of your business, building a resilient, long-lasting marketing platform. We help you focus your marketing efforts on the activities that will give you the best return – and teach you why those activities are right for your business.


This is M.LAB; where marketing is fundamental.


We understand that the pressures within a small business change and flux but the need for good advice, strategy and planning is always the same. This is why we have a range of flexible options that allow you to choose how to engage with M.LAB.

We have DIY (where you do more of the work) and strategic consultancy (where you lean on us to we do more). We have set products to give price certainty, while also engaging in one-off projects. We can be your marketing support, or we train your team to expand their knowledge too.

You pick the path to get the marketing support, tools and advice that works best for your business.

Tailored to meet the needs of NZ start-up's, SME's and entrepreneurs.

Our products are the result of helping hundreds of businesses. We have codified our knowledge and experience, and designed structured, clear programmes of work that will focus your marketing efforts on the activities that will give you the best return.

Popular Services & Products

The Foundation Project

Our most comprehensive offering for New Zealand small businesses yet. All the core foundational marketing elements your business will ever need.

You’ll come out with the ability to clearly and confidently articulate ‘why you.’ You’ll know which marketing activities will deliver the best returns and have a clear plan for implementation across all key channels (yep, including website, digital and social.)  Plus we’ll work with you to build a customer journey, innovation pipeline, growth strategies and, if necessary, identify supplementary revenue streams.

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Marketing Clinic

If your small business is growing, changing or maybe you’re just not sure what the next step should be, a Marketing Clinic can provide the clarity and focus you need.

Check Ins

We offer check-ins to clients following the delivery of their marketing strategy and plan. As trusted advisors we help guide your activities, always considering your goals, needs and commercial realities.

Right Start

The ultimate quick hit if you’re looking to test an idea or know how to start building your brand for launch. We’ll show you how to design a strong, resilient business using the foundations of marketing as a base. You’ll walk away confident, on track and ahead of the game.

Content Strategy

A content strategy keeps your messaging on-brand, making it easier for you to know how to prepare and plan to get good results from your content – whether that’s through social, on your website or via a blog.

How to Social

How to Social training is about giving you the tools and knowledge to plan and create content – social media, blogs, newsletters and more – for your brand with confidence.

Annual Marketing Plan

Your Marketing Plan is the all-important, over-arching benchmark for your marketing goals for the next twelve-months. It’s your roadmap that identifies where you currently are, where you want to be and what needs to happen in-between.

On demand, when you need support the most.

We’re business owners too. We know how hard it can be to balance working in the business with working on it. We also know how important it is to have access to the right people, when you need them.

We provide consultancy, on-demand. That means, we’re here when you need support the most. Access to expert advice for your business (not every business). Clients typically use our consultancy service to work on specific problems or at key points in their business development – like when they are growing, adding new products or changing their offering or market.

Our consultancy timeframes vary depending on the project. We scope costs and timeframes before we begin. Ad hoc consultancy ranges from $90 – $250 per hour + GST.


We’re lucky enough to be a provider under the Regional Business Partners network.  This fantastic government initiative helps owners and key staff build capabilities across their business.

Businesses may qualify for funding (in the form of vouchers) to help pay for a range of business services. Learn more by heading to the Regional Business Partner Network hub.

Create your own marketing strategy, with us.

Part of our mission is to give all New Zealand businesses the opportunity to access the right business, marketing and strategic advice, when they need it.

For some this means engaging an external consultant (like us!) to do it all. For others, it means learning how to do it themselves. There are so many reasons why a business owner might want to DIY their business and marketing strategy. What we do know is that DIY is made so much better when you can also call a friend.

So we’re building solutions that help you build your own superb strategic responses, while also giving you access to the right people, at the right time, to guide you along the way.

Better marketing at your pace

Our DIY products will sit under our sister brand, M.O.D (or Marketing On Demand)

We’re still putting this finishing touches on this platform but you can leave us your email address and we’ll connect with you as soon as it’s live.

Strategic business marketing - that's our wheelhouse.

Our small but mighty team offer an impressive base of skills. We also draw in consultants, experts, stakeholders and freelancers to support our clients and help deliver exceptional strategy for everyday businesses. The work we do is fundamental business marketing. It’s the stuff that helps you find your businesses true north and gives you the skills, knowledge and tools to plot the path to success – no matter how big or small your operation is. Read on to find out more.


Our team have deep experience across a multitude of skillsets including:

  • Brand development, positioning and story-telling
  • Product development, extensions and concept design
  • Market pricing
  • Channel strategy :acquisition, retention, loyalty and growth plans
  • Digital enablement and strategy
  • CRM automation and sales funnel development
  • Website wireframes and user experience planning
  • Copywriting (promotional, web and technical)
  • Tech stacks to support marketing automation, optimisation and efficiency
  • Project management


Our team have worked across almost every industry from big telco and FMCG to local government. We’ve worked with publishing houses, skincare creators, construction leaders, tourism operators, hospitality, accountants, charitable trusts, tech innovators and so much more.


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