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The non technical guide to marketing in a technical recession

Interest.co.nz, tells us that a technical occurs when a country has experienced two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. It’s fair to say,  NZ is probably there. We guard our wallets more consciously. The average dollar doesn’t seem to go half as far as it used to. So what’s a business to do? It might ...

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The difference between content that connects and content that converts.

Content is a funny thing. It really just means information passed on for the purposes of helping someone else understand something. In our world, there are two broad categories of content (min) – sales content and marketing content, Marketing Content More fashionably known as content marketing, this category of content sells people on you – ...

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4 things that take you from posting to creating content that works.

Most blogs about content start with phrases like “content hacks” or “content pro tips.” The thing is, most businesses aren’t actually creating content for their brand. They post content – mostly on social media. The make posts, reels, stories….pieces that titillate, but not always pieces that communicate! Content – or content marketing – is a ...

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[REPOST] How I got mine for a Fiverr, and why you might not!

Reposted from September 2015 when MLAB was a sole operator called Structure Marketing It occured to me recently that my logo was awful. Not just bad but awful. It felt home-made (because it was) and really, as a marketing consultant, that was unacceptable!  A logo is your public face. It communicates what you are about. ...

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Basic intro to a digital footprint

Ok, we’re gonna start with a bit of a caveat. We strongly suggest you engage a digital specialist or team to optimize your website for search rank and to set up AdWords. The world of Google search is quite changeable and knowing how to nail it takes practice (and probably patience!) The following acts as ...

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Let’s get close: Google Near Me

Google Near Me - what the?.. If you're struggling to work out how to make Google Near Me work for your business, you're not alone. We've done the hard work scouring the internet for some of the easiest things you can do right now to improve your chances of ranking higher.

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Tech Stack for the Win

Finding the right tools to manage a growing business is crucial. The challenge lies in correctly recognising what is holding a business back, and only then can the right system(s) be identified and applied. A system that's implemented will last you through the next phase of growth.

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Time to examine your core

Even when times are good, it’s hard to stay the course, or “stick to your knitting”. So how on earth do you respond when there's both a pandemic and looming recession at hand? First step, examine your core.

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Solving beautiful [marketing] problems

When most people think marketing services, consultancies or agencies, they think one (or all) of the following: expensive, graphic design, website design or social media services. Not us.

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Selling your story: Getting it just right

Selling anything is difficult. There's heaps of noise out there: other brands with bigger wallets shouting for audience attention, influencers with deep followings being paid to share their experiences 'authentically'.

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