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4 things that take you from posting to creating content that works.

Most blogs about content start with phrases like “content hacks” or “content pro tips.” The thing is, most businesses aren’t actually creating content for their brand. They post content – mostly on social media. The make posts, reels, stories….pieces that titillate, but not always pieces that communicate! Content – or content marketing – is a ...

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Basic intro to a digital footprint

Ok, we’re gonna start with a bit of a caveat. We strongly suggest you engage a digital specialist or team to optimize your website for search rank and to set up AdWords. The world of Google search is quite changeable and knowing how to nail it takes practice (and probably patience!) The following acts as ...

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Basic Marketing Acronyms

Here’s a quick list of acronyms you might hear us use from time to time. Hold on, it’s long, and it’s only a touch on all the acronyms around. ARR: Annual recurring revenue. Revenue realized on an annual basis (at time of purchase), mainly for subscription-based billing BOFU: Bottom of the funnel. Stage in a ...

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Choose Clean

Sometimes the brief you walk in with is not the work you walk out with.  If you find your brand isn't connecting with your intended audience via all the normal channels - all the channels people say you should be present it - perhaps it's time to re-evaluate the core of how you are telling your story.

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RBP Support is Here

Many of you will have already received information from RBP Services across the country, letting you know additional funding has been released to support those most affected by COVID’s impact on the tourism sector. There are two initiatives under the $200 million Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan.  The funding applies to areas most ...

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