The ultimate strategic marketing plan designed specifically larger more established businesses.


Designed to keep established businesses on track and on brand.

We help you stay focussed by building out your marketing and business canvas, translating that into a step-by-step monthly plan, activity timeline and indicative budget so you can plan cashflow, time and resource to support your marketing activities.



Half Day Workshop: We discuss what happened last year and the goals for the coming year. We look at key barriers or objections, discuss what worked and why. This time is about getting everything on the table so we can go away and work our magic.

Outputs: You receive a full tailored workbook containing your marketing and business canvas (this is key to identifying your best opportunities for the coming year), a month-by-month planner and an indicative budget. These tools are yours to own.

Review: Once the work has been delivered, we sit down and discuss next steps, prioritising work and outputs based on your resources and needs, and connecting you to the right suppliers to support you going forward.

The finer details

AVAILABILITY: One per month.

TIME REQUIRED: Half day workshop plus reviews and communications to refine

PROJECT TIMELINE: Allow up to four business weeks from workshop for completion

WHAT COMES NEXT: Some client like to add on a quarterly catch up to ensure the plan stays aligned with market changes.

BASE PLAN: $3,500 + GST.

Benefits of an Annual Marketing Plan

  • Identify clear goals for the coming year and how to achieve them.
  • Build a step-by-step monthly plan to drive your business forward.
  • Receive planning tools and learning that you can apply in future years.

At Criffel we run a diverse business with multiple arms: it was imperative then that any marketing partner could look for opportunities across the business structure, finding areas of consolidation and efficiency as well as identifying the best way to sped our marketing time and dollars. This is what the M.LAB team have done.

Mandy Bell

Criffel Station

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