Love building

When we first met Casa Construction they seemed like a typical, well-run construction company - family run business, started from the ground up, constructs lovely buildings, prides itself on workmanship, quality... This is anything but a typical construction company.

Sure they do all the usual bits well; award-winningly well. Yet for Casa those are just the pre-requisites of being a building company; deliver a great product.

The extra bits are where this brand gets exciting; where it begins to be less of a regular guy and more of a rebel.

The building process is well understood these days; even if we haven't done it, you're probably aware of how it goes. At the start of the build, the client is super excited then somewhere in the middle it gets tricky and stressful. It takes longer, costs more, there are compromises, somebody gets upset. Probably more than once....then finally it's done. And the client is glad it's done. Goodbye build and goodbye builders; hello life!

Casa said no. That's not what building should be like.  They love building and they want every one who encounters their brand to love it too; Every. Single. Part.

The build should be an adventure to be enjoyed. At the end of their build, Casa clients and Casa have a beer together and chat, as friends do.

How do you change the perception around building?

Casa's vision was clear. The thing we had to do was communicate that vision to the market. And the easiest way to do it? Through genuine touch points and through celebration.

We poured over the customer purchase lifecycle and challenged every stage of the build -what would make the process easier, more enjoyable?

A brand video created by the masterful story-tellers at Flashworks Media communicates the Casa difference perfectly.

We could have done billboards and multiple ad placements. We could have promoted a brand message but we knew that for perceptions to change, we needed to create a buzz around the customer experience first and foremost. And for buzz to occur, we needed to be actually focussing on making it better for clients.

Marketing Lesson

Know what you want to be and why it is important. Yep, simple as that.

Casa knew what they wanted to be. They knew why it was important. The marketing strategy and tactics fell from that.

For Casa, marketing isn't about big messages in market. It's about doing things. Real things.

Casa is creating a buzz. Their clients rave about their builds and their experiences.

They're infectious. They really are.

Know what your business is there to do and why it's important and you can be infectious too.


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